TAC is a retreat center dedicated to fostering spiritual renewal and creative thinking in a quiet and reflective environment. We seek to model a way of life that cares for the people we serve and for creation.


our team

TAC is governed by a volunteer board and managed by full-time resident directors. The center is supported, in part, by generous donations and grants from the Foundation for the Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming.

Your hosts at TAC are Jay and Connie Moody who have served in this role since 2007. Both have a broad background in hospitality, accounting and business ownership.

Jay and Connie actively oversee the daily operations of the facilities, lodging and food service programs. Every guest at TAC will see one or both of them over the length of their stay. 

“Whether through offering exceptional menus or inspiring garden environments, it is our goal to assure that TAC provides the atmosphere and services which result in a fulfilling experience for our guests.” – Jay Moody  

Stephanie Rose (President)

The Rev Douglas Sunderland, LCSW (Vice President)

Jane Dominick (Secretary)

Connie Moody (Treasurer)

Nancy Preston

Joe Wildman

The Rev Lori Modesitt (Bishop’s representative)

Gretchen Henrich

Shirley Stephens

David Reinitz

Tara Kuipers

our story

TAC was founded by the Rev Daphne Grimes, an Episcopal priest, in 1989. It has been Daphne’s dream to cultivate a center of excellence to support and encourage individuals’ and artists’ spiritual journeys. She has gifted TAC to the Foundation for the Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming to ensure its longevity.

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TAC is the realization of a life-long dream of its founder, the Rev Daphne Grimes.

Following a dynamic life lived across the globe and after her husband Tommy’s passing, Daphne came back home to Cody to settle and minister in her newly ordained priesthood, and to make her visions of a retreat center a reality.

Daphne built the West Guest House at TAC in 1989, hoping to put into motion a retreat center that would fulfill her hopes and dreams of some 15 years.

“I wanted to form a retreat center – nondenominational as far as accepting people – which would be a place open to anyone who was searching; a place for private retreats or small group retreats,” she explains. “The first step toward that goal, building the guest house, was a leap of faith.”

“I named it the Thomas the Apostle Center because, first of all, the wherewithal to do it came from my husband, Tommy, and what he left me. But my favorite apostle has always been Thomas,” she continues. “Doubt is not the opposite of faith, but a way to faith. I think we need to question and not accept blindly.”

Over the years, Daphne has given financially to support TAC, including establishing it as a self-sustaining 501c3 public charity and designating it in her will. She encourages others to follow in her footsteps of leaving gifts and endowments to their parishes or to any organization for which they have real passion.

In addition to her financial giving and long-range planning for TAC, Daphne also donated a conservation easement on substantial acreage just outside the Cody city limits to leave permanently undisturbed the quiet and open character of the entrance to her town. Daphne’s intent in both of these instances is to care for the communities which have cared for her; to give back to God a percentage of what God has given her.

Now TAC is nearly 30 years old, governed by an independent Board of Directors and operating on land and in facilities gifted by Daphne in 2007 to the Foundation for the Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming.  

Daphne reflects quietly and seriously about her work, and about her planned gifts:

“I wanted to be a good steward of the gracious gifts I’ve had, thanks to God, throughout my life. It’s important to manage thoughtfully and creatively what we have. I understand not everyone can do that. Some live much too close to the line to give in this way. And that’s OK. People give what they can. But if you’ve been blessed as I feel I have, let’s bless others by returning our gifts so as to continue God’s work in the world.”

our community

TAC is located in Cody, Wyoming, just 52 miles from Yellowstone National Park’s East Entrance. The thriving community of Cody has a population of nearly 10,000 and is surrounded by public land with exciting and diverse recreational opportunities.

Colorful Yellowstone National Park