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“Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed and very dear.” – Unknown

claire’s garden

Through memorial gifts, the family and friends of Claire Lindgren made possible the development of four gardens at TAC dedicated to her memory and to her love of all things beautiful.

We hope these gardens – the Welcome Garden, the Woodland Garden, the Winter Garden, and the Labyrinth Entrance Garden – bring you beauty, a sense of tranquility, and a feeling of being embraced by this place of creation.

Given by Jill Carow

Given by Claire’s son and daughter-in-law, Doug Lindgren and Sue Lenthe

Given by Carolyn Ross

Given by Jerry Hager

Given by Lynn Mowery

Given by Claire’s children: Chris Lindgren, Doug Lindgren and Lisa Lindgren

Given by Michele and Mike Hemry

Given by Rosemary Lowther

Given by Marilyn Ohair

memorial gifts

 Pay tribute to a loved one and help sustain TAC by donating a memorial gift.

Given by Louise Abbott

  • In Memory of her aunt, Lucille Patrick

Given by Laurie Granlund

  • In Memory of Verdui

Given by Laurie and James Granlund

  • In Memory of Janet Chambers

Given by Judy Gebben

  • In Memory of Tommy Grimes

Given by Janet Halton-Ames

  • In Loving Memory of My Grandparents, Julian & Alice Buchanan;  My Beloved Parents, Errold & Helen Buchanan Halton; My Beloved Husband, Robert Kenneth Ames; and My Beloved Son

Given by Don Nafus

  • In Memory of Carrie Gasch

Given by Alan and Lolly Jolley

  • In Memory of Paul James

Given by Debby Carapezza

  • In Memory of Eleanor Witt

Given by Judy and Greg Gebben

  • In Memory of Tommy Grimes

Given by Daphne Grimes

  • In the Name of Nell Richardson and Sidney Buchanan

Given by Jan Lenhard

  • In Memory of my mother, Martha Krotz

Given by Peggy Rohrbach

  • In Memory of Bill Rohrbach

Given by Paul and Nancy Fees

  • In Memory of Karen Rider

Given by Jim and Joan Dunrud

  • In Memory of Patricia Helmbolt

Given by Janet Halton-Ames

  • In Loving Memory of Robert Kenneth Ames, David Halton-Ames, Helen & Errold Ames, and Alice & Julian Buchanan

Given by Janet Halton-Ames

  • In Thanksgiving for my dear cousin, The Rev. Daphne Alice Buchanan Grimes